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Conquering The Imposter Syndrome

December 18, 2020 Nicole Daliana 4 min read No Comments

You ever feel like you’re not good enough for something you really want?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all questioned whether or not we’re good enough for something that we really wanted at some point in our life, or wether we deserved it or not. That is called the “Imposter Syndrome”.

It is the limiting belief that our little negative voice in our head feeds us by saying we aren’t good enough to do something, or the worry of what people will say about us if we make that big change in our life.

What we don’t even realize when we’re so selfishly wrapped up in our self is that we could potentially be stopping a massive impact it may have on other people by not sharing our story.

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

By only thinking about yourself, and worrying about how YOU feel and how other people will perceive you, you’re not even thinking of the actual purpose of why you were called to this or who’s life you could’ve changed with the information that you know.

I know that’s a lot to unpack.

I just wanted to share that on here for anyone who may come across it and need a perspective change, like I did. Ever since I heard this thought concept on a podcast, I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Honestly, it brings me back to the night I decided to start this blog. I had all the excitement in the world that I was doing this for myself and my son, sharing the things that I love and potentially put myself in a financial position to never have to work for someone else’s dreams again. I didn’t even question the judgement of others.

I had just been unemployed in March like the rest of the world and I got to finally stay home and spend quality time with CJ which was truly a dream. It just hit me that I needed to find a way I could do this full time and still afford to survive and better my lifestyle .

I had this constant thought of “if so many people can get paid to stay home and create content they love, why can’t I?”

That was probably the first time in my entire life that I didn’t have the imposter syndrome and I wasn’t limiting myself to the idea that I wasn’t good enough for it.

The first time in my entire adult life that I believed more in my dreams than in my fears. Crazy right?!

I was actually fueling my dreams and passions rather than taking away from it with limiting beliefs that we put on ourselves for no good reason.

I remember so clearly, there was such a rush of excitement. Ideas were flowing, I felt like the possibilities were endless and the reward would be worth every ounce of work to build this thing up.

I knew there was lots of work to do to get to the level I needed in order to live off it, but I was all in for the challenge.

Nothing and nobody in the world could’ve talked me out of it, even knowing I had absolutely no clue what I would be getting myself into.

I was confident that this was my way out, and I still am.

However, I don’t say any of this to brag at all because I’m no where close to where I want to be but my flex is that I started. I took a risk and decided to make a huge change in my life for the better.

You know, like the one you’ve been dying to make?

I’m saying this to motivate YOU! Yes, you, the person reading this right now.

You were called to something that may have came unexpectedly to you or maybe it’s a passion of yours you’ve always had. Whatever that may be, it is your dream and it was brought to you for a reason.

If you have any belief in the universe or God or spiritual guides, than you know these things happen for a bigger purpose.

You know that popular saying, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink? Well your higher power can bring you an opportunity or blessing to change tour life, but can’t force you to take action and embrace it.

You have to want it for yourself, babe. You owe it to yourself.

We all have this weird idea that you need to have all these degrees or certifications to be successful, or you have to be a GURU or a professional in your desired field.

In reality, we don’t need the person who’s already at the top to show us the way.

We need someone that’s still learning and open about their challenges and are transparent in their journey to show us it’s possible and allow us to learn as we go.

The only difference between you, and the person you look up to, is that they took the chance and started anyway, regardless of fear or doubt. They started. They probably sucked in the beginning, and felt how you feel right now too, but they learned to get better and eventually became the best in someone’s eyes.

So if you’re reading this, this is your sign to just do it. You know what I’m talking about. Just go for it, you’re going to be great. You have my support!

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