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Toddler Must Haves That Every Mom Should Know About (Top 3)

June 3, 2020 Nicole Daliana 4 min read No Comments

A review on some of my favorite toddler must-have products.

Toddler must-haves are very important to for new-to-become mothers. Every mothers worst nightmare is the inevitable stage of terrible twos. During this time period between the age of 1 and a half to almost 4, a child is discovering their feelings and emotions. They are learning right from wrong and their interests and dislikes. It’s a very challenging time as parents because on or end we’re dealing with major temper tantrums, raging attitudes to emotional and mushy phases. You never know what the rollercoaster will bring each day. Oh, the beauty of parenting, right?

Nothing makes a mother happier than finding the perfect products that make your babies happy and are great for their health and development. It’s like finding Willy Wanka’s golden ticket when you introduce you baby to something new and they give you their approval.

My little guy, CJ, is a tough critic, but I will share some of his absolute favorite products he cannot live without, and where you can find them too. With that being said here are my top 3 toddler must-haves.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission if you use them to make a purchase at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and brands I use, love and trust.

Top 3 Todder Must-Haves

1. Cloud Island Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Click here to shop Cloud Island

These 100% cotton swaddle blankets are so light, airy and soft. CJ has been obsessed with them since he was born, not even exaggerating. They have been the only blanket that he can sleep with, so I keep about 6 of these in rotation. He can’t go anywhere without it, it’s truly his safety blanket. This brand is actually quite amazing for kids, and have tons of other amazing products that you can find on Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon. You can click the links attached for an easy way to shop Cloud Island.

2. Thomas the Tank Engine

Shop Thomas the Tank Engine on Amazon.

Your favorite childhood cartoon growing up clearly hasn’t gone anywhere since the 80’s. From the very first time CJ was introduced to Thomas, he was mesmerized. At this point, he can recite every word of the episodes on Netflix. I can too, which is the worst part. Needless to say, I had to get him the trains and tracks so he could get the full experience! Since then, he’s grown quite the configuration all around my apartment and wakes up every day with the sole responsibility to conduct these trains. It’s a great way to keep your kids entertained and continue the legacy of classic Thomas the Tank Engine through generations, which is why I had to include in this list of toddler must-haves.

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Click here to shop for the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

First off, let me just state that I was really against CJ having a tablet as a baby because I didn’t want him to end up addicted to the screens early on like our generation. He ended up receiving this one for Christmas so I gave it a chance, and honestly I grew to love it. If you’re interested in enhancing your Childs learning and development in a fun way that you both will enjoy, then this tablet is a no brainer! The best part is it most apps don’t need a Wifi connection to play, so you can take it on the go anywhere.

There’s tons of educational apps on there that he has learned so much fun, I was super impressed with how smart he is, watching him put puzzles together and match letters and numbers all on his own before age 2. I would 10/10 recommend this for anyone interested in exposing their kids to some new fun learning games and activities. Just limit their screen time as you see fit, of course. The Amazon Fire HD tablet is available in other colors as well. You can click here for more information.

If you’re a mother who is now working from home, or unemployed like the 14.7% of Americans right now, the best thing we can do is maximize this time with our little ones. Keeping them educated and entertained is our only mission as parents, so why not make it fun? Check out the latest and top rated toys and games for kids of all ages: Top Sellers: Toys & games.

With these incredible toddler must-haves in our home, I know we can handle almost any tantrum and hissy fit coming our way. There’s no better feeling than seeing our babies happy and not screaming their little heads off. Am I right? Oh and helping people discover new helpful things at home is also pretty cool too. Drop some of your kids favorite products below for us fellow moms always on the hunt for the next best thing!

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