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22 “Feel-Good” Activities To Do At Home

June 5, 2020 Nicole Daliana 4 min read No Comments

Dealing with a bad case of the blues and need a little pick-me-up? I know just what you need.

Although these current times we are living in are extremely uncertain and heavy on our hearts, it is still super important that we take care of our mental health. With that being said, there are many simple practices we can implement at home to find a moment of happiness or inspiration in just the little things.

I wanted to share some feel-good activities you can do to make yourself feel good and cleanse your mind, body and soul.

  1. Turn up the music. That’s a #1 go-to. Music is one of the most preferred ways to escape our reality and feel understood through the lyrics of our favorite songs. Throw on a playlist, or create your own, and just zone out. You deserve it.
  2. Good scents. Inhale the good vibes, exhale the bullsh*t. Light some candles or get that diffuser going with essential oils. I use this super cute mini cool mist diffuser from Lemon + Co that I absolutely love!
  3. Go for a walk. Just a few minutes of fresh air can give you a fresh perspective and declutter your mind. If you have kids, or pets, bring them along too for some company.
  4. Write it down. Put your thoughts/frustrations on paper and let them go. Then, think about 5 things you’re grateful for and write them down. Expressing gratitude through writing can help you feel more optimistic and less stressed.
  5. Outdoor hobbies. Go throw a ball, or buy a jump rope. Exercising and fun can coexist.
  6. Play dress up. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, throw on your best outfit and feel good about yourself. A little confidence is a great mood booster.
  7. Read a book. Do you have a new book still sitting on your shelf that you’ve been “waiting to read but haven’t had the time”? Well pick it up today and get lost in an imaginary world.
  8. Meditate. Deep breathing exercises are proven to provide mental clarity.
  9. Create a mood board. Get creative! You can even use fun free apps like Adobe Spark to create a fun aesthetic board with no experience necessary!
  10. Take a hot shower/bath. You already know the vibes.
  11. Go for a bike ride. If you have a bike, go take a little ride and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.
  12. Call a friend. Pick up the phone and catch up with a friend or a family member. You can also use this as an opportunity to vent if you need to.
  13. Be polite and kind. You ever notice how being nice to someone makes us feel good? Being kind even when were not in the mood is very rewarding.
  14. “Thank you”. Wether it be to someone, to yourself, or to God, saying thank you is always a nice way to feel some gratitude.
  15. Treat yourself. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy some new things that will make you happy. Like the shoes you’ve been eyeing, or that slice of cheesecake. Just go for it!
  16. Create A list. Lists are easy to write, create, and can help you visualize the steps towards a certain goal.
  17. Set some new personal goals. (refer to #16) Where do you see yourself in a year? What tasks do you want to accomplish this week? Create big or small goals to keep yourself on track moving forward.
  18. Help out a friend. Offer your presence to a friend wether it be with helping with a task, going on a Target run together, or just being a good listener.
  19. Take a nap. My personal favorite. Lay down, get cozy and take a nice nap. You’ll wake up feeling recharged.
  20. Learn something new. Watch a YouTube tutorial and learn something new or maybe even try one of those desirable Pinterest recipes you’ve been thinking about. Learning something new is always a great feeling
  21. Redecorate your space. Adding some new personal touches to your space can really improve your mood. In my decor & design blog, I mentioned some great and affordable places to shop!
  22. Tell someone you love them. Feeling and receiving love has infectious happiness all over it. You can’t go wrong. Share love and you shall receive.

We all have our busy lives, responsibilities, and a million excuses on why we can’t do something for ourselves. I’m here to tell you that you CAN and you need to, for your own benefit.

Everything I listed is not only FREE, but easy to do at home! Just pick one act off that list and do it today. Then maybe try another tomorrow and continue until you find your peace again.

What are some of your best practices that I might have left off the list? I’d love to hear them! Comment below, and share this post to help others find some happiness too!

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