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How to Support Small Businesses during a Pandemic

June 12, 2020 Nicole Daliana 5 min read No Comments

It’s no secret that our local small owned businesses are suffering in our current climate. Between the COVID-19 virus sweeping the globe, crushing the economy, and the world standing together to protest change for equality, justice and reform, it has been really tough on our fellow small owned businesses. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the information on the internet and you’re not sure how you can help support small businesses, read the following tips below.

Here are some FREE ways you can support a small busines:

  1. Write a positive review.
  2. Tell your friends/family.
  3. Follow them on social media.
  4. Engage with their posts.
  5. Give them a shoutout.
  6. Sign up for their newsletter.

Other ways you can support:

  1. Shop online/Curbside Pickup.
  2. Pay full price. Don’t expect your friends to give everything out for free, support by paying full price and allow them to make a profit.
  3. Schedule a service. Make an appointment in advance when everything starts opening up again.
  4. Consider shopping small over bigger corporations. Does your friend have a hand-made candle business, and you’re looking for some new scents for the house? Shop their brand and help a local creative build their business and help the community.

I’m from NYC, a place where dreams meet opportunities no matter where you’re from. I gathered up a list of some of my personal favorite small local businesses that I’d love to share and spread brand awareness to. All of the following businesses are black or minority owned, which means they had to work twice as hard to get the success they’ve obtained in their careers. They’re all extremely unique, talented, educated, and beautiful and with their contributions to the culture our world is a better place.

Check them out below.


The Cookie Amanda Pereira, an online cookie entrepreneur selling delicious homemade baked-to-order treats that ship right to your door anywhere in the U.S. Originally from Queens, NY now located in West Palm Beach, FL. For the month of June she’s donating a portion of proceeds to NAACP supporting their mission to eliminate race-based discrimination. Check out her menu and place an order on Instagram:

Yes her cookies are as good as they look, in case you were wondering. Here’s a preview of some of her offerings including red velvet, cookie cups, maple bacon & sooo much more.

A Sprinkle of Yany: Created by Yanary, a sweet dedicated mom who loves to bake! At “A Sprinkle of Yany” the mission is to make, distribute and sell the finest desserts made with the highest quality ingredients. With a wide variety of beautiful decorated treats, her goal is to put a smile on your face, along with a little frosting. Check out her Instagram for her menu and limited “cupcake of the week” offerings @asprinkleofyany

A preview of her beautiful and delicious creations featuring her menu, and 2 cupcakes of the week flavors. (The piña colada one is to die for)

Tipsy T Drinks: A small drink company started by 3 childhood friends from Queens, NY during the ever-changing times that 2020 has served us. They offer a variety of alcoholic drinks and jello shots that are guaranteed to satisfy everyones tastebuds, from individual pouches to jugs for the whole family. You can find them on Instagram: @_tipsytdrinks for all order inquiries.

Featured drinks: Sangria (similar to henna sangria) and Tiña Piña Punch (a blend of refreshing juices with your choice vodka or tequila)

Fashion Brands:

24k Way: Meet Dave, a motivational influence to the local neighborhoods in NYC, with his limited-edition graphic t-shirt brand. What started as a personal and comedic way to connect with the public quickly became recognized as a unique collection of art pieces. Check out his collection on Instagram: @24kway_ @24kdave

Limited Edition Mafia Tee. $24. Front features 24K graphic over pocket, back features full sized graphic “Never Rat On Your Friends”.

Ricco Noir: A local NY/LA based clothing brand & artist collective created by London Wilmot (@ricconoir) and Marissa Pelly (@marissa_pelly). Their mission is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the world through the power of ideas. RICCO NOIR means rich black. It signifies power, strength, and confidence while including culture, traditions, and the community. Shop Ricco Noir on their website: and follow them on Instagram: @ricconoirstudios

Jaylen Ramsey, CB for the LA Rams, Danny Green, SG for the LA Lakers, and Deshaun Watson, QB for the Houston Texans among others in Ricco Noir Studios.

Ciao Specs: An inclusive brand that breeds confidence instantly when our frames are on. We have a luxurious online assortment of fashionable Specs for Men/Women of all ages. Place your order at and enter code CIAO10 at checkout for 10% off your first pair! Find us on Instagram @ciaospecs_

A preview of Ciao Specs website featuring an assortment of fashionable and trendy unisex frames. Gets yours today using the code CIAO10 for 10% your first pair!

Andross LA: A local fashion brand centered around people living their life to the fullest while X-ing out the outside noise, distractions and negativity. Inclusive for everyone as their motto states “A-LA is a family”. You can shop their latest collections on their website: and find them on Twitter and Instagram: @androssLA

A snippet of their Instagram feed featuring some wearable fashion pieces from ANDROSS LA


King’s Vice: An exclusive sneaker seller from Brooklyn offering customization and sneaker restoration from Brooklyn. Find them on Instagram: @kings_vice and their website: Kings Vice

A preview of some of the work he’s done including sneaker restoration and customized sneaker requests. Check him out!

Doll Life Lashes: Meet Genesis, a certified lash technician and instructor from NYC. Her mission is to make girls feel beautiful in their natural state with a fresh set of lashes. She also hosts courses to teach people how to become certified lash technicians too! You can see her work and book an appointment on instagram: @dolllifelashes

A preview of DollLifeLashes on Instagram showing off her happy lashed clients
A peak at some of Genesis’ work via Instagram. Her lashes range from natural to super glam, and they’re so light and comfortable you really feel naturally beautiful.

Mike Paul Atelier: Designed in Toronto with a global sensibility, Mike Paul Atelier makes beautiful clothes for a changing world. We’re rooted in old-school Italian tailoring, DIY band t-shirts and lived-in workwear because these are the clothes that make us feel most like our true selves. For our clients we provide a full range of bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear along with wardrobe consulting and finishing services. Check out some of our campaign shoots here. Interested in our services? Shop our website: Follow us on Instagram: @mikepaulstyles

A welcome page introducing Mike Paul Atelier and featuring their latest offering of premium face masks. Stay safe during Covid-19 but make it fashion!

If you’re still reading this I know you’re really dedicated to helping the small minority business community grow and your efforts and interests are truly appreciated. A simple follow, or share can make a big difference. My goal with sharing these dedicated and talented entrepreneurs was to hopefully connect my readers with products and services that are available locally. If you know any other amazing small businesses, please share in the comments below and spread awareness any way we can! Together we can strengthen our communities and impact the culture. 

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